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·Fire smoke exhaust fan series
·The pipe(Pressurization)Send series fan
·The side wall、Suction exhaust fan series
·SDSSeries tunnel jet fan
·Roof ventilation fan series
·Centrifugal fan series
·Other fan、The fire damper、The exhaust valve、Muffler
·Fan qigong performance test
·Fan selection
·Kitchen exhaust soot blower series
·The equipment form a complete set of fan series
·The fan impeller series
·SLFWet curtain cooling fan series
·XHBSeries of heat recovery fresh air in
·Civil air defense fan accessories series products
·Ventilation series products(The fire damper、The exhaust valve、Valve hot day、Tuyere、Muffler、The plenum)
·Cooling tower series
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      Shaoxing shangyu hua cheng fan co., LTD(The original shangyu hua cheng air blower factory)The company is located in the Yangtze river delta,Adjacent to hangzhou-ningbo highway and three high speed,The transportation is convenient。In order to meet the needs of enterprise development and market demand,The company invested heavily in shaoxing shangyu area YiTing town white horse lake village,Covers an area of18000Square meters,To build the new factory,The new office building,And in2008Founded in shaoxing shangyu hua cheng fan co., LTD。
      The company has been committed to the development、Development of high-tech ventilation、Refrigeration products,According to the ventilation equipment the development trend of user requirements,Focus on the future,Starting from avant-garde,Subsequently developedCabinet centrifugal fanRoof fanSmoke extraction fanAxial flow fanJet fanMixed flow fanThe induced fanThe fan of the sidewall                     More and more »
DDLCentrifugal fan The fan of the sidewall The square wall axial flow fan Split type pipe fan Cabinet centrifugal fan Jet fan Roof fan Circular duct fan Axial flow fan 
HTFFire smoke exhaust fan PYHL-14AFire smoke exhaust fanHTFCFire control cabinet centrifugal fanSWFMixed flow fan
HL3-2AMixed flow fanHLFMixed wind flow caseCDFThe centrifugal pipe fanWEXThe fan of the sidewall
SJGThe diagonal flow fanGXFThe diagonal flow fanDZLow noise axial flow fanBT35Explosion-proof axial flow fan
DWTRoof fanRTCAll aluminum alloy centrifugal roof fanB4-72Explosion-proof centrifugal fanF4-72The anti-corrosion glass fiber reinforced plastic fan
9-19High pressure centrifugal fanC6-48Dust exhausting centrifugal fanY5-48Boiler centrifugal induced draft fanKDFAir-conditioning centrifugal fan
·Fan fan equipment maintenance personnel should completely below the normal working 
·The structure of high temperature fire smoke exhaust fan 
·The working principle of the centrifugal fan and function 
·How to use technology to control the fan noise 
·How to choose the design of centrifugal fan 
·The application of negative pressure fan cooling requirements 
·The application of the fan frequency conversion control 
·Fan of maintenance procedures 
·The choice of the fan speed control technology analysis and the energy saving application 
·Air purifier can't idle all the year round Do you know? 
·High voltage inverter in the application of grinding dust blower 
·Fresh air system trend! 
·Still in for how to select blower? 
·The importance of quality fan, fan the market 
The main products of the companyCentrifugal fan, Roof fan,Smoke extraction fan,Axial flow fan,Tunnel fan,Fan box,The induced fan,The fan of the sidewall,Pipe fan,Mixed flow fan,The diagonal flow fan,The fire damper,The exhaust valve,Muffler  The ministry for the record:[ ZhejiangICPTo prepare11005230 ]
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